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    ~Soul Remembering multi~versity Courses~

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    ~Events at Diamondlight soul centre~

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    What would your life look like if you knew how to use the wisdom from within you to overcome anything that holds you back? What if you had an already and always (an always ready and in all ways) created soulful tool box that you could utilise at any moment you so choose to create any change, any moment you chose to? If you are interested in Stepping Into BEing who you are or in getting unstuck as an individual or as a couple, I invite you to send an email my way. Allow Source to guide you through the clear channel of Love, Light, Healing, and Message that I Am so as to transform your life in ways you may have been free from ever imagining before!

    Below here is a list of the Soul Services I offer. Some services I do ask for a specific Love Offering for as this is my dedicate soul's path for this life and is the means by which I am able to obtain provisions of basic necessities in life at this moment (more on this below under Love Offering Donation Options) Having said this, I Am free from ever turning anyone away who is requiring and/or desiring assistance. Should you be in the position (and after reading below more about such), please feel free to connect with me and I will be most certainly honoured to accommodate you through other means.

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    ~vibrational frequency soul Resonance Attuning Sessions~|

    (ha cool awn eh ha)
    Vibrational Frequency Soul Resonance Attuner Sessions

    The attuner that restructures the cellular and molecular into Soulular!

    If you want to find out the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration ~Nikola Tesla
    This quote that Tesla is most noted for is the foundational piece to the creation of this attuner. Everything begins with energy as everything is energy. Perhaps Tesla could have even gone further to say that this energy is infinite consciousness itself. From that energy or infinite consciousness comes vibration. Vibration is energy concentrated resulting in something vibrating, shaking, oscillating at varying speed or rates of vibration. The difference between one object/person and another is the number and arrangement of the electrons within an atom, and the varied cohesion of atoms into molecules, which then creates these variations in the rate of vibration. All beings (animate and inanimate) can be known through their SoulSong, or their specific vibrational frequency resonance, the intonation and cadence formula of the Soul. We are all made of a symphony of vibrational frequency resonances. When we tune into this the universe within the music of the spheres is then remembered within us and enchanting magic and miracles occur.

    For those whom have been on my Soul Mediumship Course well know, as well as any of you whom have seen my video on this in which I speak of this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-9tSwCwWOA ) Vibration is the rate of speed at which we are moving and the frequency is the way in which we are moving, what direction you are moving in and who you are being as you vibrate. This is how we are multi~dimensional, for as we vibrate (move) and change the way we move (frequency) we can exist is more than one place at one time.

    The Vibrational Frequency Soul Resonance Attuner's basis is a specific resonance focus through a series of 12 components both within channeled wisdom I have received from Source for the creation of this device and then later on the research I have done that corroborates these channels received. The attuner is set with the frequencies of which are of the 432/528Hz and multi~dimensional Hz frequency tones that are beyond the spectrum of the 10 octaves we can humanly hear. Set either within the A in the Perfect 5th octave and/or the F of the Perfect 5th octave, they are the resonances of the heart centre/heart chakra, Throat Chakra, and Soul Eye (Third Eye) Chakra (which opens you to the multi~dimensional eyes of the Soul ergo why it is called the Soul Eye), Crown Chakra, and the AhTi or All That Is Chakra of multi~dimensional infinite consciousness. Also, due to what is within the inside of the attuner, it is also attuned to the multi~dimensional music of the spheres producing energy, vibrations, frequencies, cadences, intonations and notes beyond the spectrum of the human ear that are multi~dimensional using some specific technologies.

    The Vibrational Frequency Soul Resonance Attuner is a diagnostic tool that when it is directly focused onto the one receiving the attunement, detects the vibrational frequency of a person so that their note (key vibration/SoulSong/Vibrational Frequency) that can be known and attune them to that vibrational frequency bringing healing and transformation through the attunement to their SoulSong on a Soulular, cellular, molecular level of trauma stored in the body and within the consciousness of mutated DNA that presents us from being fully in our SoulSong or our RNA Soul essence utilising energy, sound, intonation, vibration, and frequency resonance beyond the spectrum of the human ear that is multi~dimensional in nature. In essence restoring the perceived missing vibrational frequency resonances of the Soul and its Song as a human walking upon this earth bringing such into wholeness by giving those vibrational frequency resonances back into the body in this life and all lives multi~dimensionally.

    Vibrational Frequency Resonance Soul Attuning Sessions can be done in person, via Skype/messenger, and/or as an audio recorded session with the attuner energies. If you have yet to see what the attuner looks like and is, you can here https://www.facebook.com/Nenari/videos/vb.1173609351/10213022168486920/?type=2&video_source=user_video_tab  and also the photos here at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10213022154486570.1073741989.1173609351&type=3  Utilising the attuner, that of the quartz crystal bowls set to the same frequencies as the attuner, and that of the Celtic Harp in healing, as well with your specific vibrational frequencies and any channeled song and message for your soul and it is a session (or MP3 audio recording if you choose such) sent to you based upon what comes through in a one on one session via Skype or Messenger in which we discourse on your soul essence and path and what you wish to work on in your life. If this calls to your in your heart to have such a session with me, please connect with me to book in now.

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    ~Put a Little Love in Your Harp/Heart
    Intuitive Heart Channeled Harp Sound Healing Sessions ~

    This sound healing session is an invitation to BE Still (silent) and listen to the depth of your Soul calling you through sound healing vibrational frequencies. Incorporating the elements of a SoulSong Session (please see below about SoulSong Sessions) an Intuitive Heart Channeled Harp Sound Healing Session gives you back to you, your soul back to you. Through my soothing voice speaking to you and singing to you in Lemurian Light Language (Source Language which your soul will know and understand), the use of the Vibrational Frequency Soul Resonance Attuner (please see above for what this is), the channeling of the Celtic Harp (set to the frequency of A444Hz frequency for the sound healing of your Soul, and specific quartz crystal bowls that are set to the specific frequencies of the 432/528Hz and multi~dimensional Hz frequency tones that are beyond the spectrum of the 10 octaves we can humanly hear (One bowl is set in A in the Perfect 5th octave, the other in F# in the Perfect 5th octave and are the resonance of the heart centre/heart chakra, Throat Chakra, Soul Eye (Third Eye) Chakra which opens you to the multi~dimensional eyes of the Soul ergo why it is called the Soul Eye, Crown Chakra, and the AhTi or All That Is Chakra of multi~dimensional infinite consciousness), this enchanting magical personalised session takes you on the Sacred Path of opening, revealing, remembering, you into who you are. (Note~ sessions may also incorporate ambient nature sounds and acoustic guitar provided by my twinsoul if Source channels such through that is to be included).

    You already and always have the keys to your own healing revealing transformation into your Soul, I Am simply here as the vibrational frequency musical muse that attunes you to the vibrational frequency of your Soul bringing healing and transformation through the attunement to your SoulSong on a Soulular, cellular, molecular level utilising energy, sound, intonation, vibration, and frequency resonance both within the spectrum and beyond the spectrum of the human ear that is multi~dimensional in nature. In essence restoring the perceived missing vibrational frequency resonances of the Soul and its Song, bringing such into wholeness by giving those vibrational frequency resonances back into your body temple for this life and all lives multi~dimensionally.

    Intuitive Heart Channeled Harp Sound Healing Sessions give the gift of~

    Opening your Intuitive Heart (which is Source's Heart within you) reminding you of who you are as a Soul and your purpose here on this earth with clarity in REALEYESation

    Calms, centres, relaxes the nervous system taking you out of fight, flight, freeze reptilian monkey mind and brings your body and Soul into in synchronising attunement, harmonising balance, wholeness, integration

    Releases all that no longer serves you multi~dimensionally transmuting any mutated DNA patterns, traumas, blocks, programmings into your RNA which is your Soul's essences

    Creates a sacred and safe space and resonance for you and with you that is free from judgment, holding you in my heart as if Source is holding you and reminding you that you are loved, seen, heard, that you matter, that as the mantra that the Master Artist/Source gave to me in my attunement initiation many years ago that you are Love, you are Light, whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful simply as you are right here, right now ~ giving the nurturing unconditional Love through me to you that Source is so that the garden of your Soul flourishes from within

    An MP3 audio recording that is yours to keep so that you will always, in all ways have with you to keep and utilise again and again to continue to reveal you to you infinitely! (Note~ locally this session can also be done in person as well, please email me to book this in specially)

    Sessions are unique to each soul and just like we each have our own unique thumbprint, no one session is ever the same as any other souls. If this is a session that calls to your heart and soul, please connect with me to book in for this session now.

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    ~SoulSong Sessions~

    SoulSong sessions are specifically geared to your Soul's blueprint, your Soul's path and progression. Do you know your Soul Song? Do you know what it is? There is a soul signature blueprint within each of us, a unique song that is sung within the Music of the Spheres (the Universal Song), each song when it is sung together, the harmony and melody of which creates the Sheekna Ayjana or Universal Heart, the Universal Song of our Kaeranah (OneSoul). It is AmaSing!

    There is a big difference between your REAL name of your soul and your earthly name in any one of the many lives lived. Our name given whence birthed into any given life is not our real name, it is our earthly name for that life, yet it is free from being who we are in energetic vibrational frequency essence as Soul.

    From the time before time within the infiniteness of the Master Artist/God, this Source energy is energy, is vibration, is energy vibrating. This energy vibrating then became sound. The first sound of the universe which is the primordial sound of all creation is the OM or AUM. From that vibrating energy of all of creation, each soul that births forth from the Creator is thus given a vibratory signature so as to be recognised by its own soul song, its own vibratory resonance. Whence you hear and vibrate with your soul signature name, your soul song, it brings you back to the core essence of who you are as Source itself. It brings you back home.

    This is a form of singing of your soul song through mantra is a way in which you experience a deep connection with your own heart and soul. And when the mantra of your soul signature name your soul song stops, your mind is then quiet. You can be completely immersed in the sound reverberating of your own soul, with no words to distract the mind, you are left with being within the stillness of the heart where the magic of who you really are is revealed to you within and the connection with all. When your soul song is sung to you of your soul signature name, the vibratory resonance of who you really are, anything that is within your being in this life and in all other lives multi~dimensionally that appears to be less than this or other than this, is then shifted back into this wholeness of who you are.

    So for instance ,say you are dealing with an dis~ease that your soul chose for this life and that you soul also chose to heal in this life, the vibratory essence of vibrating with and hearing and singing your soul song will heal that dis~ease within you simply by you remembering who you are. For there is a big difference between your REAL name of your soul (your SoulSong, your Soul Signature name) and your earthly name within this life or within any one of the many lives lived. Our name given whence birthed into a life is not our real name, it is our earthly name for that life. That said, it is free from being whom we really are as a Soul. Our SoulSong is the vibratory essence of who we are as vibrational frequency through all of the infinite multi~dimensions. This is deepest essence of who you are.

    ~It has been said that in some African tribes when a woman of the tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes to the jungle with other women, and together the women pray and meditate until they receive "The song" of the child. Their Soul Song. When a child is born, the community gets together and they sing the child’s song. When the child begins his or her education, people get together and they sings his/her song. When they become an adult, they get together again and sing it. When it comes to your wedding, the person hears his/her song. Finally, when their soul is going from this world, family and friends approach and, like at his/her birth, sing their song to accompany them in the “journey" back home to Source.

    There is another occasion when men sing the Soul Song as they have a social structure with an elementary criminal code. Their close community living makes harshness unnecessary. Once there was a visitor who was deeply impressed by the tribe's handling of antisocial, delinquent behaviours, which are exceedingly infrequent. When a person acts irresponsibly, unjustly, commits a crime or aberrant social act, he/she is placed in the centre of the village, alone, unfettered and the people of the community form a circle around him/her. All work ceases. All gather around the accused individual and they sing “your song.”, your Soul Song. In addition, each person of every age, begins to talk out loud to the accused. One at a time, each person tells all the good things the one in the centre ever did in his/her lifetime. Every incident, every experience that can be recalled with any detail and accuracy, is recounted. All positive attributes, good deeds, strengths, and kindnesses are recited carefully and at length. No one is permitted to fabricate, exaggerate or be facetious about accomplishments or positive aspects of the accused person. The tribal ceremony often lasts several days, not ceasing until everyone is drained of every positive comment that can be mustered. At the end, the tribal circle is broken, a joyous celebration takes place, and the person is symbolically and literally welcomed back into the tribe. The tribe recognizes that the correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment, but is the love and memory of his/her true identity. When we recognize our own song, we have no desire or need to harm or hurt anyone. Necessity for such ceremonies is rare! Your friends and those who love you know “your song”. And sing it to you when you forget it. Those who love you can not be fooled by mistakes you have committed, or dark images you hold about yourself and show to others. They remember your beauty as you feel ugly, your total when you are broke, your innocence when you feel guilty and your purpose when you’re confused.~

    Would you like to know what your Soul Song, your Soul Signature name is, what it means, and how coming into the Song of your Soul can actually heal you and your life? Within a Soul Song session, we will examine all you have been told, let go of that which insults your Soul to bring you into who you really are. Being that I access the Akasha (or aka the Akashic Records) and also Source/God itself directly, each session includes~ your Soul Song (soul signature name) sung to you in a healing mantra format to transform your body and soul, what your Soul Song means, details about your soul's blueprint, soul's theme, soul's path and progression, your star origins, any relevant lives lived on this earth and in all dimensions/universes/parallel universes/parallel dimensions that are relevant for you now in your path for this life, your soul agreements in this life and other lives, your soul purpose and life purpose for this life, and any questions (up to 8 questions in an MP3 audio recorded session sent to you for you to keep of what channels through, as many as we can cover in one hour phone/video phone, in person, and group sessions) that you desire to know about who you are and your soul's path for this life. Allow me now to take you on the Sacred Path of what we say in Lemuria is the Sheekna Ayjana (Universal Heart) and of the Kaeranah (OneSoul) of amaSingness that you are. Through the musical message of the soul of your soul, we will come into heart co~HEARance (hearing the heart of love), bringing you into heart centred connection and communion; coming into YOUnion with You! Contact me to book in a session!

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    ~Meditational Hypnosis Sessions~


    As a Meditational Hypnotherapist, I provide sessions online and in person combining the best of both Meditation & Hypnosis, along with specific Hz frequencies that I have created (along with harmonic music) to provide healing and transformation for whatever you are struggling with in your life. Each Meditational Hypnosis session delves deeply into your DNA and shifts it into your RNA. To know more about DNA and RNA please see my videos here

    I Am also the creator of the Meditational Hypnosis Course, which is available online to all whom wish to take such. Please click HERE to know more on this course. This course as of December 2016 is in the hands of Stanford School of Medicine to help assist them with their brainwave pattern studies as this course helps to heal many from PTSD, trauma, stress, anxiety, and more. Details are available at the links above here of the youtube videos and also on the click here above.

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    ~RNA Re~alignment Sessions~


    Do you have patterns, habits, addictions, anxiety, stress, trauma, emotional/spiritual wounds, depression in your life that you are just somehow unable to shift no matter what you do? Many times these come from mutated DNA patterns that span the multi~dimensions of consciousness and multi~dimensional timelines in parallel dimensions and parallel universes and other lives beyond just this life. The RNA is actually our Soul's origin that carries our Soul's Blueprint and is the key in vibrational frequency energy sound that places all of your vibrations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, body into a Radiant Nexus Alignment/Remembering Now Alignment/RevOULution (Soul revealution/revoulution) Alignment in alkalinity. From the RNA (Soul's origin and blueprint) the DNA came forth. DNA can and often does become mutated due to environment (internal and external) through toxic thoughts, emotions, toxic foods, toxic relational environments and so on.

    In an RNA Re~alignment session, based upon what it is you wish to transform within your session, I then access your Akasha (Akashic Records) and channel Source energy through to look at your Soul's blueprint and mutated DNA patterns to see where the heart and soul of the matter is. Working with the vibrational frequency code of Source energy along with the Lightcodes, Lightrays, Crystalline energies of consciousness with RNA Re~alignment we can transmute, shift, and release any and all mutated DNA patterns and re~write the programme to bring forth the RNA of you Soul's essence into the mutated DNA to bring about healing and transformation in this life and across the multi~dimensions. Whence your vibrational frequency is set to the channel of your RNA Soul Essence, as it trickles through the multi~dimensions and into the body temple, it activates your SOULular memory so that you shall then move from surviving and being stuck in your life to thriving in the vibrant flow of Source's guidance for your life and moving within that vision in Re ju veN Ation!

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    ~Soul Channeled/Soul Mediumship, Akashic Records Reading Sessions~


    Soul Channeled/Soul Mediumship/Akashic Records Reading Sessions support those who choose to be gifted with the Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience. As a Soul Medium, within my accessing your Akasha (Akashic Records) and channeling Source energy straight, these sessions bring forth the all inclusive wisdom of the soul into conscious awareness to facilitate movement on a soul's path by go deep into your situation or circumstance to provide you with the answers that will help you on your spiritual path within any given soul agreements relevant in this life or other lives within multi~dimensional consciousness, accessing the wisdom of your soul's blueprint, soul's theme, and your soul's path and progression relative to this life to confirm or illuminate your deepest inner wisdom and inner knowing.

    With your body and soul permission, I connect on a soulful resonance to bring forth messages and healing energy from within you and out to you for further remembering, exploration, and transformation. Combining both universal wisdom and the wisdom of your soul, within soul to soul, one on one communication and message, in each session I will explore with you your spiritual destiny and the specific soul gifts, talents, and capacities you have chosen to experience within this life experience that you have brought forth within soul agreement and from other lives into this life

    As a Soul Medium, channeler, and Akashic Records Reader who came here to this earth as a wee lass with these gifts, I brings forth a deeper unique form of mediumship beyond the usual platform mediums who bring through messages where either they are psychic and reading your aura or energy field or loved ones crossed over or other beings channeling through someone etc which are the usual way of mediumship.

    The sessions I give are where within accessing and channeling the Akasha (or aka the Akashic Records) and also Source/God itself directly to bring forth your Soul's Akasha within giving you things such as your soul purpose and life purpose for this life, details about your soul's blueprint, soul's theme, soul's path and progression, your starseed origins, any relevant lives lived on this earth and in all dimensions/universes/parallel universes/parallel dimensions that are relevant for you now in your path for this life, your soul agreements in this life and other lives and also with others that influences your life now, and any questions that you desire to know about who you are and your soul's path for this life. Loved ones whom have crossed over in standard mediumship and also reading your aura and energy field in what is known as psychic ability can come through, yet this is a much deeper and is truly a transformative experience.

    If you are intrigued to know more, if have ever wanted the deeper answers to why you are here on this earth, struggling with something in your life and unable to move forward into a thriving vibrant life living from, within and within your soul, answers to difficult questions, or to connect more fully with your soul's essence in feeling better physically, spiritually, or mentally in fancying to know deeply who you are this is session is for you

    Each session provides you with identifying and assisting with the vibrational frequency energetic cyclical patterns, programmes, and issues that have you stuck in life and shifts the mutated DNA of those patterns and programmes into the RNA or soul's essence in direct application to your current life situation giving you a major shift in consciousness and healing to more fully assist you to step into and shine the magnificence you are! 

    ~Twinsoul Mentoring Sessions~


    We as twinsouls (my twinsoul Chris and I) have been and are within the dance of the Sacred Path twinsoul union together now for 10 years. The best guidebook within the twinsoul union/REALationship is your own heart. That said, there are still moments within going through the stages/phases of the twinsoul path that when it is a long road that we have to walk and sometimes we need a hand. Please know that as we are dancing in twinsoul divine love, so too are you with us and we are here for you. Being that I access the Akasha (or Akashic Records) and channel Source straight and also having had 12 NDE's (Near Death Experiences) in this life, and also having been on this path for 10 years with my twinsoul, I have a unique perspective in being able to access your twinsoul soul agreements, if you are even twinsouls, what your mission and purpose together is, and how navigate the twinsoul path that few on this earth do. There are twinsouls whom are able to assist, yet lack the ability to access the soul aspects of the path in this way, and this is where I Am unique in the sessions I give. Twinsoul mentoring sessions are one hour in length and can be done within the methods described to the right of this page under Session formats. Also you may wish to visit our twinsoul website by clicking HERE

    ~Mentoring Sessions~


    Each mentoring session is meant to take you to the next level spiritually, emotionally, physically, soulfully in all ways. Sessions can be one off (one time) or on going. For either a one off session or ongoing sessions each session is comprised of this below~

    SoulSong Mentorship Programme

    The SoulSongMentorship Programme is an ongoing set of sessions designed to transform your life and to assist you into Stepping Into the Soul of whom you are. Channeling Source through me along with accessing your Akasha for what the next steps are on your soul's path and progression, I assist all souls whom come to me asking for a mentor, co~creating soul to soul with you to blossom you more and more into who you truly are

    Together we begin this most exciting journey of all. The journey into Stepping Into the Soul of who you are! Together we will transcend energetic patterns and beliefs that seem to gift the illusion of "holding you back" to create, live, and BE the LIFE (Living Infinitely From Existence and Living Infinitely From Experience these two BEing as One) you desire. This will be a co~creation in which I will channel the wisdom through and in which you consciously choose to transform your life.

    Together, we take a wholistic, integral approach encompassing the transformation of physical body, the temple of which your soul resides within and of your Spirit. Together we will address the important questions for you exploring and utilising the wisdom and guidance that is within you, moving beyond the self~imposed limitations, unleashing your creative potential, innate wisdom, inner serenity, and deepest passion, creating the vision of the life you desire and living and BEing your Soul's Purpose. Starting from where you are and your conscious choice in each moment to transform your life, we will guide you into Stepping Into and BEing your Soul's purpose.

    The SoulSong Mentoring Programme can assist you to~

    get unstuck by breaking through the illusions we call as blocks and limitations; seeing these for the illusions that they are and transforming them into Oneness.

    empowering you to connect with, trust in, and follow your souls guidance and intuitive heart free from the illusions of limiting beliefs

    develop and deepen the inner voice of the soul of who you are and discover your unique spiritual gifts, your soul's purpose and begin to share it with the world

    create/improver elationships that are a vibrational match to the soul consciousness you are; attracting souls/situations into your life that reflect the soul you are

    create infinite abundance always, in all ways and in all areas of your life

    expand your consciousness and awareness within giving you practical spiritual tools that guide and transform your life

    The SoulSong Mentoring Programme is a way of BEing in life to be free from being taken lightly. I offer this to souls whom are serious about transforming their lives and stepping into BEing whom they are meant to BE. It is our intent that you be completely committed and actively engaged within this process. Our intention is for all souls whom come into this program to completely enlighten and to collectively serve to assist in illuminating the consciousness of this earth dimension into what we call as heaven on earth. Thus as Source has guided me, I choose souls who are seriously interested and are willing to transform their lives and whom have a burning desire and passion to Step Into the soul of whom they are.

    Mentoring Sessions can last as long in length of earth time as you so choose, most souls mentoring with me do so for at least 1 year's earth time. Sessions are done within the methods described to the right of this page under Session formats. Sessions may be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, usually ranging between 30 minutes to an one and a half hour in length. There are other options available as well.

    If you wish to participate in the SoulSong Mentoring Programme, I invite you to please email me directly here at nenari@diamondlady.net and let me know why it is you feel that you desire to be in the Mentorship Programme and for me to be your mentor (there is free from being any "right or wrong" answer to this just share with me what is in your heart that calls you to the program) and upon review we can book in your sessions.

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    ~Put a Little Love in Your Harp/Heart
    Soul Discovery & Self Expression through Intuitive SoulSong Vocal Mentoring ~

    Have you always wanted to sing but have been afraid to due to thinking you have a bad voice or were told you cannot sing? Coming into your Soul and its song is so much more than just singing the 'right way' or the 'perfect' note or octave pitch. Our first instrument in our body is our Intuitive Heart voice. Singing our SoulSong is about the discovery of our Soul and our freedom of expression within that. Both in my own experience of my own journey as a Channeled Songstress/Harpist/Songwriter and also the many thousands I have assisted over 34 plus years, I have found that it is free from being technique or even practice that keeps us from expressing our Intuitive Heart of SoulSong, rather it is all our olde thought processes, patterns, and programmings, and bad experiences which cause inner child wounds that block the flow and bring a sense of doubt, fear, worry, anxiety about not being good enough, unsure if I can do this, and feeling unallowed self expression other than what a teacher or authority figure said is the 'right way' to sing or express who we are.

    I invite you to know deep within your heart and soul that of what I know already about you which is~ You have a most unique, beautiful, one of a kind voice. Just as there is no one like you on this earth and you are a beautiful miracle of Source energy creation, so too is the vibrational frequency signature of your voice as well equally one of a kind and beautiful. No one other than you can give the amaSING expression of vocal intonation in just the way you can! You and your voice are a beautiful miracle from Source, the Master Artist of all creation. And the self expression of your Soul and its Song is to be one of Joyous Playful Bliss. And only YOU can choose what is right for YOU as the way to sing and express.

    Thus, rather than giving you mentoring so that you can 'perform', Intuitive SoulSong Vocal Mentoring is about reconnecting to your Inner Soul Child of the Intuitive Heart, moving into the awe, the wonder, the infinite possibilities of the What If game of curiosity (Alice) in which I as your musical muse, guide you into aligning and attuning (tuning) your instrument of your inner voice, your Soul, and its Song in what feels right for YOU and your Soul so that you rise into Love (falling in love) with your voice which is the vibrational frequency that is YOU and to express that freely and fully in a unique way that only you can. This is done through my creating that sacred and safe space and resonance for you and with you in each session we embark upon that is free from judgment, holding you and your voice in my heart as if it were my own in giving the nurturing unconditional Love for the garden of your SoulSong to flourish within. And for those whom is to come into channeling Lemurian Light Language through song as well, we can also co~create together for this to come through if you choose such.

    We will also journey together to discover and release those things that hold you back from being your magnificence and so you may shine your light of the SoulSong that is YOU! Sessions are individual and unique and are a combination of sound healing, intuitive soul guidance, vocal toning, and whatever else in this realm that is required tailored to your needs. We go at your own pace and comfortability level, and never will you be asked to do anything that you are free from being ready to do. Sessions can be done in person or via Skype/messenger. Connect with me in this present moment of the NOW to book in a session with me!

    ~Animal Communication Sessions~


    Our  animals are like our children and animals are souls as well. At some point in our own incarnation cycle we have even been an animal. As the song Colours of the Wind sings 'I know every rock, tree, and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name'. Whether your animal is alive on this earth and is struggling and you require assistance to know deeply within this animal what they need help with or if they are on the other side of the veil as it were,  through accessing your animal's Akasha (Akahsic Records), channeling Source/God/Spirit itself, and tuning into Intuitively, soulfully, telepathically, energetically, empathically, I can communicate with your animal and bring forth the messages your animal wants you to know and also speak to the animal to help aide them in their struggles in healing. Sessions can be done in person or remotely as with all my sessions, it is accessing soul essence and energy, vibrational frequency, so I Am free from requiring in person to be or do such as asccessing such works remotely just as Reiki or any other healing modality does in that way. I can and do also provide one to one with your animal and you in person as well. Feel free to email me for more information or to book in. 


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    ~Soul Travel (Dream) Interpretation Sessions~


    Our dreams are simply our Soul traveling whilst the physical body rests/sleeps and are most often us traveling within our other lives within the multi~dimensions and bringing them back here to this earth for purposes of assisting in this life. The meaning of dream symbols within the earthly context naturally varies according to each soul's chosen axioms (beliefs/truths). Within the Soul Travel (Dream) interpretation Sessions that I give, within channeling Source energy through me along with accessing your Akasha (Akashic records), we will dive deep into the Sea of the Soul of your dreams and access the deeper soul meaning beyond earthly dream symbol interpretations and into the multi~dimensional aspects of the truest messages to see how this applies to your life in this life from the soul perspective of what is to be learned (or as we say in Soul, Soul Remembered) from such a dream.

    ~Intuitive Heart Soul Counseling~

    Intuitive Heart Soul Counseling is about assisting you to view the infinite possibilities available to you within your Life Experience and to provide the clear path of vision within these infinite possibilities available to you. It is utilising the messages gifted to us by Source within an intuitive, creative approach and is designed to help you turn life's seeming challenges, into spiritual Soul Rememberings that shift and transform your LIFE (Living Infinitely From Existence and Living Infinitely From Experience, two BEing as One). It is a viewing of LIFE out of the box, shifting and transforming our perceptions to create what we desire for our Life Experience here within playing this game called LIFE on this earth. In addition to this, Intuitive Heart Soul Counseling is about helping you to tune into your spiritual guidance within of your Intuitive Heart, so that you may begin to see the answers as already and always, All Ways Ready and In All Ways, with you and within you; Thus being your own spiritual guide, mentor, and medium from within.

    As a Spiritual Counseling and Healing Ordained Minister, I provide Intuitive Heart Soul Counseling on a soulful vibrational frequency resonance. Each session is intended to gift you the gift of healing for the physical body and soul, two BEing as One. A spiritual advising session with me through Source's guidance, will guide you into fully stepping into, living, and BEing your Soul and its purpose.