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    ~Soul Remembering multi~versity Courses~

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    ~Events at Diamondlight soul centre~

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    The Soul Remembering Multi~versity Courses are designed to awaken you into the infinite consciousness (or Soul) you are. Intensive deep sea diving into the Soul to set you on a path of fully living and BEing your Soul and its purpose. Below are the courses offered through the DiamondLight Soul Centre Soul Remembering Multi~versity ~

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    ~Soul mediumship loveshoppe course How to be a Soul Reader and Access the Akasha (Akashic Records)~

    The Soul Mediumship Loveshoppe Course How to be a Soul Reader and Access the Akasha (Akashic Records) is available online and also given locally in person~
    So many of you have been asking me can I learn to do what you do? Thus, this is a 6 week interactive course that includes the following~

    Soul Channeled Sessions, Soul Mediumship or Soul Reading as it can be called is much different then the usual platform mediums who bring through messages where either they are psychic and reading your aura or energy field or bringing through loved ones crossed over or other beings channeling through someone etc., which are the usual ways of mediumship/readings. Soul reading (soul sessions) is about just that, the soul. This Loveshoppe Course is designed for those whom are beginners who wish to know how be a Soul Reader, for those whom are already doing psychic readings, mediumship, tarot, and other forms of reading to take their gifts to the next level, and everyone in between.

    Here is just a bit of what we will cover in this Loveshoppe Course~

    What is vibration and frequency and how to tap into multi~dimensions which are one of the big keys to being a Soul Reader

    Learn how to Soul Read and Read in general for yourself (you would be surprised how many readers come to me and say they cannot read for themselves ergo I shall guide you into how to do so)

    The three main levels of standard Mediumship

    Soul Mediumship and what is it

    The levels/resonances of Soul Mediumship

    Soul Channeling (what is a channel, what is a true channel and how to Soul Channel and how to channel God/Source straight)

    How to access, read, and utlise the Akasha (the Akashic Records) in a Session and what are the Four Essences of the Akasha

    Multi~dimensional Access within the Akasha to access details about yours and all soul's blueprints, soul's themes, soul's path and progression, starseed origins, any relevant lives lived on this earth and in all dimensions/universes/parallel universes/parallel dimensions that are relevant for you (or the one you are Soul reading for) now in your path for this life, soul agreements in this life and other lives, soul purpose and life purpose for this life and other relevant soul wisdom/information to bring through in channeled sessions.

    Working with the Lightcodes, Lightrays, Crystalline energies of consciousness so that when you are doing a Soul Reading session you are also transmuting, shifting, and releasing any and all mutated DNA patterns to bring forth the RNA of the Soul essence with body and soul permission within accessing the Akasha and channeling God/Source. Most know about DNA yet few really know about RNA and how it is actually RNA which is the secret key to how we shift our consciousness through the multi~dimensions.

    Walking the Talk ~ How to BE the living BEingness of what you channel

    When you have completed the Soul Mediumship Loveshoppe/Course, you will then be able to do sessions for yourself and others as a Soul Reader.

    If you feel called in your heart to embark upon this course, please see the right hand side of this webpage at the top for booking in on this course


    ~animal Soul communication course~


    The Animal Soul Communication Course is all of the same things you receive within the Soul Mediumship Loveshoppe Course above, except it is geared towards taking the same practices and using them for animals. All of what is in the Soul Mediumship Loveshoppe Course listed above is included in the Animal Soul Communication Course and also the following~

    Tune into your own animal totem (or totems)

    Vision questing with animals to see through their eyes

    Animal soul agreements, soul blueprints

    The importance of the role feelings/e~motions play in animal soul communication in working with animals with pet owners and in working with any and all animals in soul communication

    Multi~dimensional Consciousness Healing and Infinite Chakra systems for animals

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    ~Meditational Hypnosis online course~


    The Meditational Hypnosis Course is currently an online as you go course. This course is now in the hands of Stanford University School of Medicine to assist them in their brainwave pattern research as I speak of here in this interview (Details on the course is below)~

    If you are having issues with fear, panic, anxiety, depression, anger, hurt, pain, addictions, PTSD, or any challenges in your life, this course is for you.

    My intention is to help all to expand the consciousness of all and to help all to heal into remembering who you really are

    The Power of Meditational Hypnosis ~

    Reprogramming your Deeply Imbedded Automatic Programmings, Addictions, fears, anxiety, depression, and any issues in your life
    To live the life you desire with lasting change
    To move from fear/ego/mind to a more heart centred life and to open up your spiritual gifts to be more connected to Source
    How to access the Akasha (Akashic records) for yourself and others for healing and being able to help yourself and others

    This Meditational Hypnosis Course is a course that is a certificate course which will enable you to~

    Create Meditational Hypnosis within yourself
    To do sessions for others
    and to teach this method if you so choose

    This course consists of the following~

    4 sessions
    Session One 1:01:02 (1 hour 1 minute) in length
    Session Two 2:22:08 (2 hours, 22 minutes) in length
    Session Three 2:08:05 (2 hours, 08 minutes) in length
    Session Four 2:53:41 (2 hours, 53 minutes) in length
    Thus over 9 hours of instruction
    Along with 21 audio files of specially encoded frequencies for healing
    4 Reading Course material files on the Meditational Hypnosis steps, on brainpatterns, 528Hz, and more to help you and others in healing

    This course has YOUnique never before used technology and wisdom all placed into one course to help you to reprogramme your Deeply Imbedded Automatic Programmings, Addictions, and any issues in your life to live the life you desire with lasting change

    This is a do at your own pace course, simply email me when you have completed a session and are ready for the next session. And ALL course materials are yours to keep and to reuse again and again.

    Just some of what this course covers~

    What is Meditation?
    Little known things about meditation and the basics of meditation
    What is Hypnosis?
    What it actually is not what conventional ways say it is
    How to marry both to bring about healing and transformation in your life and the lives of others

    Your voice is your instrument

    VRP Voice Resonance Patterning ~ How to be in voice resonance of voice inflections and breathing technique to centre the person in a session or yourself if using this on yourself
    528 Hz frequencies (and all the Hz frequencies) and how this entwines with our voice for shifts in your life and the lives of others

    BPS Brain Patterning Syncronisation ~ learning about brain wave patterns, how to tell what is a person's base brain wave pattern to bring them into deeper healing, how to synchronise your brain wave patterning as well as others

    How to create a meditational hypnosis anchor (different from traditional anchor)

    DNA and RNA The Keys to Consciousness~ How we shift our automatic programmings when we are stuck in the loop over and over again in confusion, pain, suffering
    and much much more.

    If you feel called in your heart to embark upon this course, please see the right hand side of this webpage at the top for booking in on this course

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    ~Put a Little Love in Your Harp/Heart
    Intuitive Heart Channeled Harp Sound Healing lessons ~

    Reconnect with your Intuitive Heart Creativity, Reconnect with your Soul

    Do you feel called to play the Celtic Harp yet have no idea where to start?
    Learn to play the harp with the heart of a child, experimenting, playing freely!

    It was Jesus who said to entour the kingdom of heaven is to be childlike. Childlike means to be in the awe, the wonder, the enchanting magic of infinite possibilities. Through the calming and centering of the mind and moving into the Intuitive Heart resonance, I teach you how to channel your inner harp/heart and then allow that to come through onto the strings just like the angels.

    This is free from being your usual harp lessons, as this is not so much about learning technique as it is about allowing the flow of sound healing and music pour through you. All begins with energy, vibration, and frequency. Ergo Tesla's most noted quote of 'If you wish to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, vibration, and frequency'. From that energy, vibration, and frequency comes sound. From sound then comes music which is sound integrated. Within Soul and the cosmic universe, this energy has no means of instrumentation, it just simply is. It is the vibrational frequency energetic sound that one can hear when one is attuned to its essence. Thus, sound on the earth receives its incarnational embodiment through instrumentation (ie through your voice as an instrument or the Celtic Harp, an acoustic guitar, a crystal bowl, even a bird singing or the rivers flow, or the sea waves crashing, whatever instrument) so that the Vibrational Frequencies of the Soul and of the universe can come through. So in essence, just as Kahlil Gibran spoke of in The Prophet On Children when he said that our children our not ours, that they belong to the universe and that they come through you as the clear conduit, the Celtic Harp is free from being just a harp, rather, the harp is the body temple, the conduit through which the sound of the celestial/cosmic frequencies comes through.

    What I will teach you is how to attune to and listen to the that vibrational frequency and bring it through the Celtic Harp. I will show you how to utilise your Celtic Harp (or if you are free from having a harp, you can use my harp) for sound healing in a way that when you and others hear such transmissions it is them (and you) experiencing the extension of that vibrational frequency of the cosmos, thus feeling you are literally soul essence vibrating, thereby creating the sacred safe space and resonance for those listening to attune to their own soul and own healing, as well as your own. Thus, instead of feeling that pressure to 'perform', you actually become the clear channel and you the body move out of the way and allow the Master Artist of all creation to play through you as you.

    Both in my own experience of my own journey as a Channeled Songstress/Harpist/Songwriter and also the many thousands I have assisted over 34 plus years, I have found that it is free from being technique or even practice that keeps us from expressing our Intuitive Heart through the Celtic Harp (or any instrument for that matter), rather it is all our olde thought processes, patterns, and programmings, and bad experiences which cause inner child wounds that block the flow and bring a sense of doubt, fear, worry, anxiety about not being good enough, unsure if I can do this, and feeling unallowed self expression other than what a teacher or authority figure said is the 'right way' to play an instrument or express who we are.

    I invite you to know deep within your heart and soul that of what I know already about you which is~ You are feeling called to the Celtic Harp for a reason and that this is the call of your Soul seeking to express itself. Just as there is no one like you on this earth and you are a beautiful miracle of Source energy creation, so too do you have a most unique gift within your of playing in a way in which only YOU can and the world is awaiting the magic you bring to this earth through the harp. And the self expression of your Soul and its Song through the Celtic Harp is to be one of Joyous Playful Bliss rather than struggle and strife. And only YOU can choose what is right for YOU as the way to play and express that.

    Thus, rather than teaching you to play so that you can 'perform', Intuitive Heart Channeled Harp Sound Healing Lessons is about reconnecting to your Inner Soul Child of the Intuitive Heart, moving into the awe, the wonder, the infinite possibilities of the What If game of curiosity (Alice) in which I as your musical muse, guide you into aligning and attuning (tuning) your instrument of your inner voice, your Soul, in what feels right for YOU so that you rise into Love (falling in love) with YOU and the Celtic Harp and all that which is the vibrational frequency that is YOU and to express that freely and fully in a unique way that only you can. This is done through my creating that sacred and safe space and resonance for you and with you in each session we embark upon that is free from judgment, holding you and your voice in my heart as if it were my own in giving the nurturing unconditional Love for the garden of your SoulSong through the harp to flourish from within out. And for those whom is to come into channeling Lemurian Light Language through the harp as well, we can also co~create together for this to come through if you choose such.

    We will also journey together to discover and release those things that hold you back from being your magnificence and so you may shine your light of the harp that is YOUniquely you! Lessons are individual and unique and are a combination of sound healing, intuitive soul guidance, harp basics, learning about vibrational frequency, and whatever else in this realm that is required tailored to your needs. We go at your own pace and comfortability level, and never will you be asked to do anything that you are free from being ready to do. Lessons can be done in person, or via Skype/messenger. Connect with me in this present moment of the NOW to book in a lesson with me!

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    ~soul crystal healing & revealing course~


    Due to the experiential nature and interactive hands on training required for this course, the Soul Crystal Healing & Revealing Course is only offered in person. This course is designed to show you how to from a Soul level essence be able to access the enchanting magic of crystals within ultising them for healing and revealing the true Divine nature you are. Through this interactive course done in nature, we will open our heart and soul connection through intuitive inner knowing to bring revealing of the nature within and healing to all aspects that appear to be other than this Soul nature we are. In this course we shall explore~

    How to commune with crystals and being in co~creation with crystals (and then how use that wisdom to then bring healing and revealing of the Soul to your Soul and to all Souls)

     How to cleanse and attune crystals properly

     Heart and Soul activation that you can give to others in sessions

    Soul surgery (like psychic surgery but for the Soul)

    Soul Retrieval/Soul Integration work with crystals to release unhealed wounds, traumas etc multi~dimensionally

    Walking into a crystal

    Akashic records access through specific crystals

    Creating Crystalline Grids for healing and revealing for yourself, others, and all of the cosmos

    If you feel called in your heart to embark upon this course, please see the right hand side of this webpage at the top for booking in on this course

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    ~Multi~Dimensional Soul Chakra Therapy, Soul Surgery, Soul Aura Loveshoppe Course~

    Due to the experiential nature and interactive hands on training required for this course, the Mutli~Dimensional Soul Chakra Therapy, Soul Surgery, Soul Aura Loveshoppe Course is only offered in person. In this interactive one day Loveshoppe Course, we will explore some deeper essences of the aspects of Chakras, Auras, and Soul Surgery that most know little of such as the following~

    The Eight main Chakras and the multi~dimensional Chakra system

    Soul surgery (like psychic surgery but for the Soul)

    What multi~dimensional auras are, how to see an aura and how to read auras

    What grounding really is and means (it is not what you have been taught or know of)

    How to realign your chakras easily and effortlessly through an awakened attuned
     heart/soul consciousness

    Chakra Healing, Auric healing, and multi~dimensional opening

    and much more!

    If you feel called in your heart to embark upon this course, please see the right hand side of this webpage at the top for booking in on this course