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~Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea,
Lady of Glencoe, Highlands Scotland~

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Create an intention of 'what is' upon your special star within the celestial heavens at this very moment; of what is of your fondest desires as if it is already here, rather than of what you wish could be.... knowing and understanding that what it is you desire is already, for you already have all you desire right now in this OM, this One Moment, as you already have arrived. You are already here. The 'here' is the understanding that you are life itself, divinity, a drop of the ocean of God and Goddess as One. A drop of the ocean of Divinity expressed within the very being you are. You are All That Is, you are Love, you are Light. For this is where you came from and emanate from, therefore how can you not be that of what you already and always, in all ways, are? You are perfect and beautiful beyond description. It is the truth that there is nothing you need to accomplish, possess, or hold on to. All that is desired is already yours as a river is already both the ocean and the mountain streams. To be Love and be loved is all that is to be worn.

The arrival also comes within understanding that there is free from being any place 'to get to' or destination to arrive at. That it is the journey in and of itself that is the destination. That we are to come to love and enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and in that we come to certain points we call destinations and yet destinations are where we begin once more for it is always a continuation of the process of the journey. To come to love and enjoy the journey, even those aspects that we would call as 'bad' for there is free from being any such thing as 'bad', all is Divinely whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful simply as it is. There is free from being anything to manifest or not manifest, for how can you manifest or not manifest what already is? We just simply bring forth from within us the creations of what is already and always giving birth to them into this experience we call life. That it is the experience itself, the journey itself that we are here to embark upon and that is the destination. To come to love the journey and the destination as they are One. This, is the journey of the Song of the Princess....
Much Aloha!~
~Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea
Lady of Glencoe, Highlands Scotland
The "Diamondlady" of Lemuria


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