~ Meet Lady Nenari ~

Known as the Princess of the Sea, Lady of Glencoe, Highlands Scotland, and the "Diamondlady" of Lemuria who brings the Love and Light to the world in all ways through the gifts poured through her hands and through the beauty of her Soul and its song, Lady Nenari, (Nenari Anne Diamond) is the Founder and Director of The DiamondLight Soul Centre and the creator of several life transformational Soul Remembering Multi~versity courses including ~ the Inner Soul Child Healing Course, The Meditational Hypnosis course, and the Akashich Records Soul Mediumship course in which Lady Nenari facilitates you into how to access the Akasha (Akashic Records) and to channel Source energy. With a rich tapestry of over 35 years experience immersed in the realms of spiritual exploration and healing. Her Soul Purpose and mission has been and is to illuminate the path of the Soul and guide individuals towards their true Soul’s Purpose.

As a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist and Lifetime Practitioner Member of the CTAA (Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association since 2019 (CTAA Lifetime Membership Number 10662756), Lady Nenari facilitates transformation through an integrative approach; focusing on the healing and integration of the whole of the Soul. Her journey has been marked by a commitment to unveiling the profound wisdom and potential residing within each individual's soul. Specialising in a diverse array of modalities, Lady Nenari weaves together the threads of Akashic Records Soul Reading Sessions, Soul Mentoring for individuals and couples, Meditational Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Crystal Therapy, The Inner Soul Child Healing Process, Soul Travel (Dream) Interpretation, Soul Attunement, Lemurian Light Language, RNA Re~Alignment, Animal Communication, and Reiki Mastery to bring a wealth of expertise to each session. In addition to her therapeutic offerings, Lady Nenari is also the creative force behind the Akashic Alchemystic Tarot Deck, a tool designed to illuminate the path of self-awareness and empowerment by tapping into your own Akashic Records, utilising this deck alongside its accompanying guidebook. 

Lady Nenari’s commitment to wholistic well-being extends beyond the therapeutic space, as evidenced of her international work as an author, speaker, and Lemurian Light Language songstress. For over two decades, her voice and presence has resonated across the airwaves, pioneering podcasting; venturing into this medium long before it became a mainstream phenomenon, as well as, five Sound Healing Albums recorded.

With her natural born innate gifts honed in through a lifetime of spiritual devotion, Lady Nenari is here to guide you on a profound journey of soul-discovery. Whether unravelling the mysteries of your Soul's Purpose, navigating the intricate web of Soul Agreements, or offering mentorship on matters of career, relationships, or addressing health concerns, she draws upon the sacred insights embedded in your sacred Akashic Records to bring clarity and direction on your path.

Lady Nenari’s intention is rooted in a deep desire to share the spiritual gifts bestowed upon her from birth for the betterment of humanity. Your journey and well-being matters profoundly to her. She is here, right here, to assist you within the transformation of your Soul into the unique melodic symphony it sings. Lady Nenari would be most humbled to contribute her guidance, support, and whatever she can to enhance the quality of your life within a tapestry of healing, purpose, and joy. Together, let us embark on the experience of soul-discovery and healing, unlocking the boundless potential within you. You matter to Lady Nenari, and it is her humble honour and privilege to walk alongside you on this Sacred Path. (Continued below)

~ A Deeper Look Into Lady Nenari ~

Born as gifted channeler, soul medium, healer, speaking fluently in Lemurian/Light Language (Source energy language) seeing your soul and its path from the age of 6, Lady Nenari who was originally raised Catholic, would sit in church and would see spirit guides, loved ones who crossed over, and auras. As a Soul Mediumship Akashic Records reader, she has over 35 years experience in channeling Source, dream interpretation, aura, and many other forms of soul channeling readings and sessions. Lady Nenari has a unique way of channeling through The Divine, tapping into the soul and being the clear conduit for healing in all multi~dimensions. As a Sound Healing Therapist, Lady Nenari currently has five albums currently released which utilise her gifts of song, guitarp, native drum, crystal bowl and Meditational Hypnosis therapies to provide healing to those whom embrace such. A songstress since the age of 8 and a channeler/writer since the age of 12, Lady Nenari's gifts through song and prose are a testament to not only her life's journey within this life, yet also is the legacy of all ages pouring through her very being. Having also experienced 12 NDE's (Near Death Experiences) in this life, Lady Nenari has a unique connection with the Master Artist we know as Source/Spirit/God/All That Is (whatsoever you choose to call such) and utilises these gifts in a humanitarian fashion to assist in the transformation of the consciousness of this planet.

Lady Nenari provides satsangs, spiritual circles, loveshoppes, courses, webinars/seminars, and one to one sessions around the earth to inspire each soul to develop their own inner voice of the soul of who they are and bring the gifts of infinite healing, AbSOULute Love, Light, and Peace to all whom she inspires. She enkindles souls to experience the light within them by empowering all to connect with, trust in, and follow their own souls guidance free from the illusions of limiting beliefs.

Lady Nenari's healing Love and Light seeks to remind us that when you live from your heart, it is your soul that guides you rather than the illusion of this earth that we call as fear and doubt. To be living from your soul and your intuitive heart, free from limitation, is to bring bliss and AbSOULute love into your life experience and within the lives of all those whom you inspire which in turn illuminates the universe in an infinite circle. By simultaneously experiencing our Oneness, as well as, our individuality, Lady Nenari's vision is that of seeing this earth as simply whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful simply as it IS (Infinitely Spiritual); where AbSOULute Love is seen as the natural vibrational frequency resonance.
For more on Lady Nenari and her beautiful creations, please visit her websites at


~ Hear what those whom Lady Nenari has assisted have to say! ~

See Below for Testimonials 

"I've been listening to your reading over and over for the past 4 days and it has given me such a vibrational shift, I'm in awe that something like this can happen!......I've recorded the part where you sang Justyne's soul name and mine on my mobile phone. Now Justyne does not stand listening to sustained notes, she equates them with someone shouting at her and usually bursts out crying. Not this time: as soon as she heard you sing, she was all smiles, looked really excited, and it was like the biggest birthday present ever was given to her. She was so happy, and keeps reacting like this every time I put the recorded piece on. And we've grown closer for the past 4 days that even my mum has commented about it......Is it a coincidence that both my soul name and Justyne's start with 'kae'? I know that my name sounds a lot like the 'Kalahari' desert, and now I understand why I felt like floating the day I heard it in geography class when I was 13.....Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's such a pleasure to listen to the reading over and over, and so healing. Heaps of blessings to you!! Mary / Kaelaharaha" 

Hello Nenari,
My name is Frances and I just happened upon your website and found it to be so informative and yet different in it's own way. It truly touch me... Thank you!
You are the only one I have come across who has been given a gift and who is willing to share it with anyone who is in need of your help without putting a dollar sign on it first. I am just amazed that there truly is someone who practices the love that they teach. If there were more lightworkers sharing your practice on giving of the gifts from the Universe, this time on earth would be so much better for all of us.
Again thank you for sharing your light and love.
May you always "Walk in the Light of Love" and remember "Life is short so live it! "

WOW! WOW! And WOW!!!
What an intense and wonderful reading. My heart says a most humble thank you to you. You are such a beautiful and clear channel for God, Spirit. God Bless You! I look forward now to challenges no matter what they may be with the knowing that the Universe backs me, and supports me. I've not thought of things in this way to say the least. I have been looking to the "physical" as it were for support and of course it is not there. Thank you so much for shining the light in the dark tunnel. You certainly did give me many options. :-) Dearest Princess Lady Nenari, I must tell YOU that you give me inspiration to move forward like no other person on this planet. :-))
Thank you really isn't enough, but I say and mean it from the bottom of my heart.
Sitting here wishing I was talking with you in person. What a most fabulous session this is. WOW!!! I sit here in awe of what you do and how well you do it. It seems incongruous to me that you aren't booked up for the next several years to help people in need. Oh how wonderful it would be to be part of something that does such good for people and for the planet. FYI the pain in my hip after listening to the meditation hypnosis session is GONE! So magical and so practical.
Much love to you dearest Nenari

Good morning oh my goddess thank you so much! My whole body quivered as I listen to your voice! This is life Changing! I am so thankful that I opened myself to you. I will share the reading with Michael later today. This information is so important for me and I just knew that someday I would find someone with the key to unlock this wisdom. Words cannot express my gratitude big changes are here for me now! I had a little giggle when you talked about languages. Because I always say I can't wait till we are all telepathic because I find language so challenging. Remembering words and saying them right lol. Thank you big hugs and I will get back to you in a day or so. I love you.so much! I am so excited to meet you in person and to experience Scotland again in the life!

Dear Soul Sister Nenari ♥

I thank you so much!!! I shed many tears of joy! My deep inner wisdom told me LYRA ♥ the planet Vega in Lyra fells so right ♥ and in the wintertime I look every evening or night in the sky to Orion! And greet my Starfamily :) so today morning at 5:30... now I am very happy!!!!!!!!!!! So often I stood at the window and cried and wanted to go home to my starfamily. The rest of the years I manage easily, because I know, I will not come back! Yes!!! :D I already had support from Vega beings in an etheric pyramid over Vietnam. There, I was able to strengthen myself and was also involved in sound healing for someone. But I have not been there for a long time. Must visit it again!

All of your other messages from my soul are so good and soothing. All is good ♥ I believe and trust in my way of heart. In the next days I will look for your videos and heal on myself. Thank you from the depths of my heart ♥ A warm hug and snowgreetings from south-germany

Hi Nenari
I just wanted to thank you for your channeled writing regarding the Tsunami disaster. This tragedy touched me deeply as it did for many people worldwide and has led to some heavy discussions with a Christian friend of mine who has tried unsuccessfully to help me understand why so many people lost their lives and why I shouldn't be looking at God as the bad guy here for allowing it to happen. My friend has been talking to me for a long time about allowing God into my life but anything I was starting to understand and accept has totally gone because all I could focus on is the suffering these people in Asia have experienced. In my mind all I could think of was "why did God do this to them"?
However your explanations have settled so many things in my mind that I am now able to look at this disaster from a different frame of mind and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My words are inadequate in trying to let you know just how much you've helped me understand and put things into perspective and I wish I could do more than just say thank you.
With best wishes and much appreciation.

I love You!!! That was going through my mind the entire session. I Love You Nenari. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You were right on on everything and everyone. This session is medicine to me. 💗💖💜😍. I hear what you are saying. I am just so scared no one can be what Andy was for me. I do go back and forth as to what you say soulful connection with Andy or a walk in or be with a soul mate or possibly near twin I was spoiled but that everything was peaches and cream all the time. You have given me hope though and faith. I am so grateful , truly. I will be making a love offering tomorrow towards a whole session.

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