~Akashic Record Reading (Soul Mediumship) Loveshoppe Course~

The Akashic Recording Reading (Soul Mediumship) Course guides you within how to be a Soul Reader and Access the Akasha (Akashic Records) for your soul's growth and to benefit all of humanity
(available online and also given locally in person)~

Take a dive deep into your Soul within accessing your own Akasha (Akashic Records) and also assisting humanity with Akasic Record Soul Mediumship sessions as well if you so choose!

So many of you have been asking me can I learn to do what you do? Thus, this is a 6 week interactive course (as an online video course given with video instruction and coursework AND also is taught in person) that includes the following~

Soul Channeled Sessions, Soul Mediumship or Soul Reading as it can be called is much different then the usual platform mediums who bring through messages where either they are psychic and reading your aura or energy field or bringing through loved ones crossed over or other beings channeling through someone etc., which are the usual ways of mediumship/readings. Soul reading (soul sessions) is about just that, the soul. This Loveshoppe Course is designed for those whom are beginners who wish to know how come into knowing your soul deeper, to be a Soul Reader, for those whom are already doing psychic readings, mediumship, tarot, and other forms of reading to take their gifts to the next level, and everyone in between.

Here is just a bit of what we will cover in this Loveshoppe Course~

* What is vibration and frequency and how to tap into multi~dimensions which are one of the big keys to being a Soul Reader

* Learn how to Soul Read and Read in general for yourself (you would be surprised how many readers come to me and say they cannot read for themselves ergo I shall guide you into how to do so)

* The three main levels of standard Mediumship

* Soul Mediumship and what is it

* The levels/resonances of Soul Mediumship

* Soul Channeling (what is a channel, what is a true channel and how to Soul Channel and how to channel God/Source straight)

* How to access, read, and utlise the Akasha (the Akashic Records) in a Session and what are the Four Essences of the Akasha

* Multi~dimensional Access within the Akasha to access details about yours and all soul's blueprints, soul's themes, soul's path and progression, starseed origins, any relevant lives lived on this earth and in all dimensions/universes/parallel universes/parallel dimensions that are relevant for you (or the one you are Soul reading for) now in your path for this life, soul agreements in this life and other lives, soul purpose and life purpose for this life and other relevant soul wisdom/information to bring through in channeled sessions.

* Working with the Lightcodes, Lightrays, Crystalline energies of consciousness so that when you are doing a Soul Reading session you are also transmuting, shifting, and releasing any and all mutated DNA patterns to bring forth the RNA of the Soul essence with body and soul permission within accessing the Akasha and channeling God/Source. Most know about DNA yet few really know about RNA and how it is actually RNA which is the secret key to how we shift our consciousness through the multi~dimensions.

* Walking the Talk ~ How to BE the living BEingness of what you channel

When you have completed the Soul Mediumship Loveshoppe/Course, you will then be able to do sessions for yourself and others as a Soul Akashic Records Reader.

Please NOTE~ This course gives you certification within the ability to receive the required wisdom and training for Soul Mediumship in demonstrating completion of the principles and techinques so that you can perform Soul/Akashic Reading sessions, transmute mutated DNA into RNA, perform Soul Mediumship platform demonstrations, & Soul Channeling upon yourself and others ONLY. It is free from being a course that you can go teach all or part of to anyone you fancy. If you desire to teach this course, please feel free to contact me directly upon your completion of the course and we can discuss teacher training.

If you feel called in your heart to embark upon this course, please enquire as to when this course is on next in person or to book in online (with unlimited lifetime access), please click the link below

~Celebrating & Shining the
Divine Feminine Goddess Within~
The Balance, Wholeness, Integration of the Divine Feminine Wombyn in YOU! Course

An 8 Week Whole Soul & Body, Body & Soul Makeover! Available online (within an interactive video course and coursework given also with unlimited lifetime access!) and locally (in a 4 day intensive). Please email me for the dates of the next sessions locally! To book in for online, please see the link below.

This course is for you who are seeking a new way of BEing, living, moving, nourishing your soul and body from a resonance of loving all of it and loving you! This course will help you to let go of the masks of guilt, shame, bad habits, and that feeling of not~enoughness that we as the Divine Feminine mostly feel, to reveal the trueness of your soul, love your body, and emerge anew in connection to and radiating your Soul.

There is an inner knowing within me that knows that as we the Divine Feminine wombyn (women) we are move into the empowered blossoming Goddess we are, we can heal, integrate, balance our children and all children of the earth (young and olde alike), relationships, and our beautiful earth itself. I myself have healed, integrated, and come into balance with grief, trauma of abuse and rape, severe health issues causing me to die 12 times in this life (12 NDE's, Near Death Experiences) and come back, and having both a body and spirit that bore the shame and guilt of 'not~enoughness, being unlovable, and self~loathing' healing such into the wholeness, integration, and balance of self~love, Soul forgiveness, peace, and bliss in a life and body I truly love and living fully in my Soul and its purpose.

So many of you have asked me over the many years how it is that I stay so youthful looking, healthy within and without, so in this course I will share with you all of my secrets so that you can come into this as well! With this in heart, I invite you to partake upon this Sacred Path journey with me into the empowering tools that I have both come into along the path and also created through channeling with Source that I live and BE that have helped me along my path that I know within inner knowing that whence you choose to embark upon such can transform your life into the life you have always yearned for!

Over the course of 8 weeks, these are the things we will explore~

* Session One (Week One)
The One thing you always have with you and how to harness it~
There is one thing that you have within you all the time that when you learn how to harness it can bring you into calmness, centredness, relaxation, and reminding you of your ever present connection with Source and within which from there can healing, integrate, and bring into wholeness anything you choose to. In this session we dive into the Four Diamond Essences of Relationships and how to heal the core wounds of separation and abandonment. In this session we will also explore what it truly means to be a Divine Feminine Wombyn (woman) from the soulful perspective rather than what others say of the earthly definition and the beginnings of Self Love through specific massage for the Divine Feminine Womb, Sacred Oneness Flow Dance, Goddess Yoga, specific meditation to open your Divine Feminine Goddess Light of Love and more!

*Session Two (Week Two)
Who Are you really? Your SoulSong~
Who are you as a Divine Feminine Goddess Soul expressing on this earth? In this session we will explore the SoulSong, your vibratory frequency of who you really are and how to actually tune into and listen deeply to your Soul and its song (guidance). We also will discover about what Self Love is (How to Love yourSelf/your Soul), what true unconditional Love and truth is that no one ever shared with you before and what it means to birth that as the Divine Feminine. We will dive into the Song of our Womb, chanting, toning, mantras, mudras, singing your song fully shining the Divine Feminine Goddess you are! In this week I shall also bless you with a special SoulSong gift!

*Session Three (Weeks Three & Four)
Re~writing HERstory ~ Healing wounds and trauma in the The Soul Womb (Matrix)
Re~claiming Your Goddess ~ The Integration of the Divine Feminine Wombyn

The first two sessions are the laying of the foundation for the rest of this course. Thus, in Session Three, we are going to dive deep into re~writing YOUR story within healing, integrating, and bringing into wholeness all of those olde programmings and bad habits, traumas and woundings you have experienced in this life and other lives, all that no longer serves you and keeps you from shining the amasing Divine Goddess Light of Love you are! We will dive into the Sea of Self Love and how to truly Love yourself, Soul Forgiveness (which is wayyy different than earthly forgiveness), Inner Soul Child Healing (which is also way different than earthly inner child healing that many know of), How we heal, integrate, and bring into wholeness balance the gender issues between us and how to heal all the hurt and pain between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within and on this earth. It begins with us Re~claiming our Divine Goddess, our wombynhood, our Soul Matrix.

*Session Four (Weeks Five & Six)
Moonatransition, The Divine Soul Womb Creatrix ~ Creating from the Soul Womb Matrix of all of creation (Matrix (Ma, mother) web or womb of the mother, divine feminine)
The Moonatransformation of the Soul in Divine Feminine Form within its four phases and little known wisdom

In this session, we will go deep into the essence of our womb from the little known wisdom of the true moon phases and how to harness that energy, to the Quadruple Goddess instead of the triple goddess and what this really means, from moonstration (menstruation) to moonapause (menopause) how to navigate our cycles within cycles utilising little known ancient wisdom and wisdom of the Soul. We will discover that what we have known as our yoni is not really our yoni and what this truly is, what foods, herbs, and sacred ancients medicines of the soul to utlise relative to each phase of our cycle (even if we are in moonapause (menopause) we are still cycling) and special medicines to help rid of things like endometriosis, IBS, migraines/headaches, anxiety, depression, stress, and other health issues that we as the Divine Feminine experience specifically. In this session I also reveal something very special to you Divine Goddess which will be a way to love yourself uniquely as well. This and so much more is within this session!

*Session Five (Week Seven & Eight)
The Sacred Art of Tantra ~ The YOUnion with the Beloved that is Source, that is you, and with a partner you choose 

In this session, we will traverse the Sacred Path of tantra which is completely different than most believe it to be. We will dive into this from the Soul essence rather than from the usually known earthly essence to bring out the Divine Feminine Goddess within you of creation in YOUnion fully and completely!

This entire course is designed to have you come into Loving yourSelf (capital S for your Soul) and your body in BEing fully connected to both and experiencing the confidence, empowerment, and enlightment of the Divine Feminine Goddess you are!

All you are seeking in your life, hoping for, yearning for, for is already (always ready) and always, in all ways, inside of you! I Am here through this course to simply help you to remember and BE your magnificence! I will give you my proven effective tools, strategies, and proper nutrition for the Soul and body that will transform your life in allowing the truest nature of YOU to shine and for your to be your own best guru and mentor! And to be this in your everyday life through all your life. You are free from being required to be ready nor perfect for this. All that is required is your willingness, your Sacred YES (AYE!)  to being open to receive a new way of living and BEing. It is one of the most healing and greatest things you can do for YOU! For when WE the Divine Feminine Goddess is shining with our Soul and body, body and Soul fully aligned and attuned, our passion, our purpose, and the fullness of who we are can shine and transform not only our lives, but everyone else we touch, and the whole of this earth and cosmos! The calling of your Soul KNOWS that YOU DESERVE the BEST of life and of YOU, your Soul Divine Feminine Goddess! Will you come walk this Sacred Path of Self~Love with me? 

~Meditational Hypnosis Course~

The Meditational Hypnosis Course is currently an online as you go course. This course is now in the hands of Stanford University School of Medicine as of December 2016 to assist them in their brainwave pattern and RNA research as I speak of here in this interview below on the right (Details on the course is below)~

If you are having issues with fear, panic, anxiety, depression, anger, hurt, pain, addictions, PTSD, or any challenges in your life, this course is for you.

My intention is to help all to expand the consciousness of all and to help all to heal into remembering who you really are

The Power of Meditational Hypnosis ~

* Reprogramming your Deeply Imbedded Automatic Programmings, Addictions, fears, anxiety, depression, and any issues in your life
* To live the life you desire with lasting change
* To move from fear/ego/mind to a more heart centred life and to open up your spiritual gifts to be more connected to Source
* How to access the Akasha (Akashic records) for yourself and others for healing and being able to help yourself and others

This Meditational Hypnosis Course is a course that is a certificate course which will enable you to~

* Create Meditational Hypnosis within yourself
* To do sessions for others
* and to teach this method if you so choose

This course consists of the following~

4 sessions
Session One 1:01:02 (1 hour 1 minute) in length
Session Two 2:22:08 (2 hours, 22 minutes) in length
Session Three 2:08:05 (2 hours, 08 minutes) in length
Session Four 2:53:41 (2 hours, 53 minutes) in length
Thus over 9 hours of instruction
Along with 21 audio files of specially encoded frequencies for healing
4 Reading Course material files on the Meditational Hypnosis steps, on brainpatterns, 528Hz, and more to help you and others in healing

This course has YOUnique never before used technology and wisdom all placed into one course to help you to reprogramme your Deeply Imbedded Automatic Programmings, Addictions, and any issues in your life to live the life you desire with lasting change

This is a do at your own pace course, simply email me when you have completed a session and are ready for the next session. And ALL course materials are yours to keep and to reuse again and again.

Just some of what this course covers~

* What is Meditation?
* Little known things about meditation and the basics of meditation
* What is Hypnosis? What it actually is not and
    what conventional ways say it is
* How to marry both to bring about healing and transformation in your life and the lives of others

* Your voice is your instrument and how to use it through the following~
 VRP Voice Resonance Patterning ~ How to be in voice resonance of voice inflections and breathing technique to centre the person in a session or yourself if using this on yourself
528 Hz frequencies (and all the Hz frequencies) and how this entwines with our voice for shifts in your life and the lives of others

* BPS Brain Patterning Syncronisation ~ learning about brain wave patterns, how to tell what is a person's base brain wave pattern to bring them into deeper healing, how to synchronise your brain wave patterning as well as others

* How to create a meditational hypnosis anchor (different from traditional anchor)

* DNA and RNA The Keys to Consciousness~ How we shift our automatic programmings when we are stuck in the loop over and over again in confusion, pain, suffering

and much much more.

If you feel called in your heart to embark upon this course, please see below for booking in on this course

~Multi~Dimensional Soul Chakra Therapy, Soul Surgery, Soul Aura Loveshoppe Course~

This course is available both in a interactive one day Loveshoppe Course and also online as a 4 day course.

In this interactive in person and/or online Loveshoppe Course, we will explore some deeper essences of the aspects of Chakras, Auras, and Soul Surgery that most know little of such as the following~

* The Eight main Chakras and the multi~dimensional Chakra system

* Soul Surgery (like psychic surgery but for the Soul) *Note~ this of the Soul Surgery is for anyone who fancies to learn such yet especially for Reiki practitioners who have been attuned to proper Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and higher this will be something you can add to your Reiki sessions to enhance your sessions (and also for those whom have been on my other courses this will enhance what you have already learned/soul remembered through such courses)

* What multi~dimensional auras are, how to see an aura and how to read auras

* What grounding really is and means (it is not what you have been taught or know of)

* How to realign your chakras easily and effortlessly through an awakened attuned heart/soul consciousness
* Chakra Healing, Auric healing, and multi~dimensional opening
and much more!

This course in person is a 1 day intensive.

Online is a lifetime unlimited access online course.

If you feel called in your heart to embark upon this course, please see the link below to book in online or email me as to when this will be available in person.   

~Animal Soul Communication Course~

The Animal Soul Communication Course is now included and part of  the Akashic Record Soul Mediumship Course above. Thus, when you book in for the Akasha course you will also receive this here of the Animal Communication Course.

This part of the Akasha course is geared towards taking the same practices from the Akasha course and utilising them for animals.

All of what is in the Akashic Recording Reading Soul Mediumship Course listed above is included in the Animal Soul Communication Course and also the following~

* Tune into your own animal totem (or totems)

* Vision questing with animals to see through their eyes

* Animal soul agreements, soul blueprints

* The importance of the role feelings/e~motions play in animal soul communication in working with animals with pet owners and in working with any and all animals in soul communication

* Multi~dimensional Consciousness Healing and Infinite Chakra systems for animals

~Soul Crystal Healing & Revealing Course~

NOTE~ Due to the experiential nature and interactive hands on training required for this course, the Soul Crystal Healing & Revealing Course is only offered in person within a weekend intensive. Coming soon online!

This course is designed to show you how to from a Soul level essence be able to access the enchanting magic of crystals within ultising them for healing and revealing the true Divine nature you are.

Through this interactive course done in nature, we will open our heart and soul connection through intuitive inner knowing to bring revealing of the nature within and healing to all aspects that appear to be other than this Soul nature we are. In this course we shall explore~

* How to commune with crystals and being in co~creation with crystals (and then how use that wisdom to then bring healing and revealing of the Soul to your Soul and to all Souls)

* How to cleanse and attune crystals properly

* Heart and Soul activation that you can give to others in sessions

* Soul Surgery (like psychic surgery but for the Soul)

* Soul Retrieval/Soul Integration work with crystals to release unhealed wounds, traumas etc multi~dimensionally

* Walking into a crystal

* Akashic records access through specific crystals

* Creating Crystalline Grids for healing and revealing for yourself, others, and all of the cosmos

If you feel called in your heart to embark upon this course, please see the links below to enquire as to when this course is on again to book in.

~Course Formats, Love Offering
Donation Options, & Disclaimer~

How may I be of service to you? There are many courses above and more to come within I offer. Please see to the above for each of the gifts within the course I'm Here to offer you.

The courses offered are given within online video courses, as well as in person with coursework (Love Missions as work is Love made visible as Kahlil Gibran was noted to say) as well. Certificates of completion are also given upon completion of each course, reflecting your proficiency within the course given provided all Love Missions (coursework and practicum case studies completed, if any depending upon the course).

~To Begin a Course~

All you are to be and do is to give your Sacred Holy Yes (Aye) to your choice of a choice you fancy to book in. The moment you do, the course begins! Anything in our lives begins with our Sacred Holy Yes (Aye) to it. Even if it is free from coming into physical manifestation yet, our saying a Sacred Holy Yes to something (or someone) makes it so that the universe (Source/Love) conspires with us, co~creates with us to bring the magnetism into form, the energy into form. All it takes is your Sacred Holy Yes. Whence such a Sacred Holy Yes is given, it begins the natural flow of the universe's magical enchantment of bringing forth into your life what it is you are saying that yes to. So be free from being surprised if you begin to notice changes, openings, transmissions of vibrational frequencies, and transformations occurring for you whence you say this Sacred Holy Yes to Source to that which you are saying yes to within such a course with me. The actual event arriving is simply the culmination of these energies that already have begun the moment of your YES! 

Also on~going care during the course is given, as well as, after care follow~up is given as due to the deep nature of the courses in which we dive deep, I feel it is most imperative to be there to assist you through the process as things can come up for you within processing and integration through the courses and also after. Very similar to when you have a massage and the Massage Therapist instructs to make sure to drink plenty of water for at least the following 48 or so hours, I'm Here for and with you as you matter to me, to provide support should the waters of e~motions (energy~in~motion) or other challenges or positive moments that come up for you during the courses and as after care from the course to provide presence and assistance if and when needed. Duration of such after care is given on a case by case basis, yet I respectfully request that you be free from taking advantage of such goodwill given. All in balance.

Whilst the materials given you in the course are yours to keep and to continue to utilise for practices purposes in honing your spiritual gifts, it is also requested that such materials be free from being given to others to use just on a whim without the proper instruction from me, for in doing such without the proper foundation this can askew people who are free from being ready for such materials without the afore instruction. Thus, I respectfully request that such materials given on the courses be utilised by you within the honour and reverence given and that they are. Thank you and bless you infinitely for choosing to remember your soul through the Soul Remembering Multi~versity courses I provide.

To book in on a course with me or for any and all enquires, please email me through the links above or at nenari@diamondlady.net or on facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/Nenari

Dearest Beautiful Soul~

All That I offer here is by Love Offering Donation of your choice. For me on the path gifting sessions, readings, healings, and assistance to all souls on this earth is free from being 'only' about the monetary value placed upon it; it is about assisting all souls on this earth dimension and the Infinite Joy, Bliss, Absoulute Love, Peace, and Spiritual Oneness one feels from deep within the heart of the soul when such a gift is gifted to another soul; To see the gift of soulful transformation unfold within another soul and seeing their face and their BEing illuminate with Light or light up when they 'get it' as we say, is an immeasurable gift! Whilst I do accept monetary love offerings and do ask for monetary Love Offering Donations for some services, it is more that I Am asking for these love offerings in monetary form to assist our Centre to continue to assist souls such as you. Thus, I Am free from ever charging a fee, I merely invite all souls to gift from what they choose to gift to me from their heart, from their soul in what resonates within them within an energy exchange.

I have received many immeasurable gifts from appreciation from Thank you's, to spiritual artistry, to food, to books, cards, and so on. And aye, this includes monetary financial gifts as well. They have been gifts of Love gifted rather than me imposing a charge for them or a soul is free from receiving them. Thus, if money comes forth to me, this is a wonderful blessing of which I Am within infinite appreciation for. It is simply free from being the "only" way that I will assist another soul. I give the gift of awakening and re~awakening that Divine Free Choice from within you, by offering all of the spiritual wisdom and gifts that I experience, by sharing them infinitely, and inviting all souls to choose to gift me if they so choose with a love offering gift of their choice. I Am free from ever turning away a soul if they are free from giving a love offering, for even a thank you is a offering of Love.

If we all were to choose this, to come from a resonance of being free from placing value upon things and rather upon connection and service to Source and to one another of the Source within us, from a resonance that resonates deep within our soul as this is who we are to share and gift freely (freely as in free not as in a cost or perceived value of things, but rather from the Absoulute Love from within the heart of the soul of who we are as a spiritual soul being within a human form and within a human form, we remember or experience the memory of the spiritual soul being we ARE ~ A Revolving Experience of), then money would then exist on another dimension as we would shift it.

Therefore, we would be free from other souls having to feel the need to steal or to be in poverty or hungry or free from a place to sleep or free from being able to enjoy life here on this earth dimension because another soul has said that if we are free from providing the "money" then we are free from enjoy all of the infinite possibilities that life has to offer, as we would all be sharing of our gifts spiritual and otherwise (of our food, of our clothes, of our songs, artistry, and of all services) with each other. We live in a earth dimension of the illusion of stinginess, where everything is "Mine" and "I will not share with you unless you give me money for it, after all I am worth it". The moment has come now to shift this to where we share all with all, as we emanate from All That Is and this is who we ARE (A Revolving Experience of) on a soulful resonance.

Whilst I realise that being as this earth is in this moment, that money is what makes the world go round so to speak, I choose to I guess be what is called by some on this earth as ahead of my earthly time. As a channel, an instrument of peace, I choose to provide these services described above, because of my Absoulute love for all people, not for their monetary value that they may or may be free from holding. I am free from being what other souls might consider as financially monetarily rich. I am also free from being poor; For what I am is rich in is within infinite ways beyond that of the "only's" of monetary value of this Life Experience. I am rich in the wisdom that Spirit gifts to me and through me and it is this that I gift you.

It is in this spirit, that I request that you accept the spiritual gifts that I gift to you when you request them of me, through a soul reading, session, or other form of spiritual guidance. I invite you then if you so choose to provide a Absoulute Love Offering (a soulful loving offering) Donation, that you please do so from your heart and soul, because you choose to, free from it being because I have asked for it, or because someone has said that we 'must place a value upon' our spiritual gifts. If you choose to gift an Absoulute Love Offering Donation, then gift of what you choose to gift, whatever that may be. Whether it be a poem, some jam, a charm or trinket, or that of one pound or one hundred pounds. I accept all gifts of Absoulute Love Offerings, in whatever their form, as when it is gifted from the heart of the soul, it is free from having a monetary value to it, just simply (as simple as) that of Absoulute Love and of whatever it is that you are able to gift. And for this, I Am deeply and humbly appreciative.

Monetary Love Offering Donations do help as this monetary flow of abundance helps us to continue to keep our Centre running so that we may continue to assist souls just like you on your soul journey through life experience, as I travel all over the earth to share Source's wisdom and to assist souls just like you and I do have expenses to incur upon doing so and this helps us to be able to continue to do and be so. Yet as shared above, I Am free from ever turning anyone away if they are free from having a monetary love offering to give, so if this is the case, please let me know and we can sort something out.
In Pure Love ~Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea, Lady of Glencoe, Highland Scotlan

Disclaimer ~ Divine Free Choice (or as we say earthly Divine Free Will) is yours and thus can change the outcome of the situation. We are free from anything ever being set in stone. Thus, the channeled wisdom, information, and advice given on and through the session, readings, healings, mentoring you receive is to be treated purely for your entertainment purposes only. Any prediction or other message that you receive is not a substitute for advice, programmes, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a lawyer, medical doctor, psychiatrist, or financial advisor. Accordingly, Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea (Lady Nenari Anne Diamond) is free from providing any guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind, and is also free from being responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and advice mentioned above.

Disclaimer~ The Healing modalities on these pages should not be used in place of medical or alternative treatments and therapies, but may be used as supplementary practices in conjunction with traditional and alternative medicine. You are always free to accept or reject any Healing treatment. The information and recommendations within this website, as well as, within any session that Lady Nenari gives, and within any and all courses/materials/books created by her are based on training, personal experience, very extensive research, and channeled wisdom from Source/God. Any and all information and recommendations are free from dispensing medical advice or prescribe the use or the discontinuance of any medication as a form of treatment without the advice of an attending physician, either directly or indirectly.

The intent of Lady Nenari is to offer information on the importance of well~being both physical and spiritual as One and to inform all souls who reside on this earth with the plethora of possibilities that are available if any soul chooses them to be and do so. This information is free from being intended as a replacement for sound medical advice from a physician. On the contrary, sharing of the information in any of Lady Nenari's books and on the http://www.diamondlady.net website or in any social media or form of communication (email, written, verbal and all forms) that Lady Nenari gives, sharing such with a souls physician is highly desirable. An individual undertakes the application and recommendations described herein at one's own risk. Adoption of the information should be in strict compliance with the instructions and messages gifted on the website and in any and all of Lady Nenari's material. Very ill people with a past history of major diseases who are under professional supervision should not make use of the information contained herein without the supervision of their attending physician. All the recommendations and procedures herein contained are made without the guarantee of Lady Nenari or anyone associated with her books, websites, or any portion thereof stated above and Lady Nenari disclaims all liability in connection with the use of the information presented herein.

The statements within this webpage or on any portion of this website are free from being evaluated by any governmental overseeing body and thus are free from intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease~condition. Anything stated here is to be free from being construed as medical advice for treating an illness. Instead, one is to consult their doctor or health care professional for individual guidance for specific health problems. This is merely a collection of information that exists in the public domain and of spiritual wisdom, and is presented solely for informational and educational purposes only. Information conveyed herein is based upon pharmacological records, both ancient and modern. No claims whatsoever can be made as to the specific benefits accruing from the use of any products recommended within this website, any material and/or any sessions Lady Nenari gives, other than what is stated by the experiences of Lady Nenari related to these methods. Your experience may vary, thus this webpage, website, materials and sessions are gifted to you as a gift to be and do as you so choose with the wisdom shared and you claim for responsibility for any and all results that come from what is given.

Disclaimer ~ Some or all of the answers to any questions you may have asked Source about may come through and some may be free from coming through and some or all of the answers may be the same as other readings that you have experienced or others have experienced through Lady Nenari's channelings. Please understand that Source simply comes through with what it is that your soul wishes for you to know in this moment and that some of this wisdom may be universal and may be applied universally to all for your life and all lives and some of the wisdom is personal soul to soul communication from Source to you from within your soul, as it is these two essences BEing as One that will be comprised of your reading/session and as such it is up to your Divine Free Choice (or as we say on this earth Divine Free Will) to choose what it is is given you by Lady Nenari in a session, course, gathering etc. that resonates with you and that you will take with you and what if anything you wish to leave behind. 

The greatest gift you can give to me and to all is to remember who you are, BE who you are, and assist others to BE the same to be the gift of the loving presence of Source itself through you as you. That is the most beautiful gift of Love you can honour me with. My life is lived in the inspired passion of creating through sessions I give and the music, prose, & Words Of Wisdom I create then give such creations to all. The purpose of which is to touch lives in beautiful ways and to help them to R.E.S.T. or to Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure the Love and Light you are and we all are. These channelings, sessions, and use of my gifts represent a life dedicated to expressing vibrational frequency, thoughts, images, & feelings that connect us all within Love/Source as we are all One. Such gifts are freely given. If you feel called within your heart and soul to in turn bring gift of appreciation for such a gift bestowed upon you through me, I Am humbly honoured and appreciative for your having touched my life in return. If you so choose, you can provide a love offering in exchange through this love offering donation button link.From my heart and soul, I deeply appreciate you


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