~Song of the Princess~

~Song of the Princess Synopsis~

What does Love really mean? What would Love do now?
Does Love truly conquer All?

Song of the Princess is an amazing love story set in the medieval times. A princess from the Northern Kingdom who’s heart is called by the song upon the wind that she knows not of its author yet the calling is so strong within her that the will and spirit of such a soul brings her to the shores of the sea constantly in awaiting his arrival. The journey is one of patience and challenges beyond what one can bear. The Southern Kingdom has a troubadour, a prince who must also embark on a journey through many treacherous seas and trials to come to shore where the princess awaits his arrival. Will they find the love they seek regardless of treacherous seas and life’s challenges?

Song of the Princess has multi~dimensional facets and resonances within it. On the surface, it is an incredible love story. Within peeling through the infinite layers upon layers of this beautiful sweet onion of wisdom and love, this love story is a vast wealth of guidance and truth for each step on the path of our journeys. The journeys of the heart in a love of sacred hearts entwine in balance with a Oneness Love and Light for all/with all is who we are and why we are here. Such love, such wisdom are the waves of the ocean bathing us in its love and are the hidden treasures to discover within Song of the Princess. For within these pages here are infinite nuggets of esoteric wisdom interwoven within a beautiful love story.

Within reading this book, you will resonate with the prayer ~ May your heart be guided by love, & may your song echo this same heart ~

If you wish to read or download Song of the Princess click on the book photo above (to download simply right click on the book and 'save as'). To purchase a hard copy, please email me for information on such.

To enjoy listening to the Song of the Princess, the Lemurian Light of Love Album and other albums I have created, please see the below.

~Song of the Princess,
the Lemurian Light of Love Album~

Eckta Crea ay Lemuria (Beloved Children of Lemuria) ~

Each track on this album is special and is a reflection of who I Am, of my journey, and of the book Song of the Princess. It is also of the ancient language of Lemuria. As a Lemurian counsel of 12, I‘m Here to bring the Light of Love of Lemuria back to this earth. For more on Lemuria, please go to the Lemuria page. I may not play an instrument, but my instrument is my voice and the Light of Love that the Master Artist gives through me within it. This is my gift that in rawness, vulnerability and love, I share with all of you.

There is much I remember about Lemuria and I speak our Lemurian Language fluently as it flows through me almost effortlessly. I have been writing it and speaking it fluently since I was a child here in this life free from realeyesing (seeing with real eyes) until about 16 years gone now (as of 2019, yet this here on this page was originally written in 2013) in 2003 what it was.

My Lemurian Light Language Soul name  is Nenari, which literally translated means Ne Na Ri Keeper of Sacred flame of Love and Light. Thus, as a Scholar and member of the counsel of 12. I Am the Princess of the Sea, Scholar & Keeper of the sacred flame of Love & Light, Counsel of 12. After many year of using this name, I legally changed it as I never fully resonated with my earthly name. 

In Lemuria I was/Am one of the scholars, the counsel of 12 and we created the Lemurian starseed crystals and also placed the Akasha (which Akasha or Akashic means record or records in Lemurian) within these crystals before the transition from Lemuria into Atlantis.

Atlantis was and is the energy of the ego and has been here ever since Lemuria sank. There are however 31 sites that still are here as pieces of Lemuria and now we are all here to bring the energy of Lemuria back and that is what 2012 and beyond and this time even in linearity is about which is about shifting from the ego consciousness of Atlantean energy back into Lemuria. This is why I am the "Diamondlady" as I Am here in part to bring the Diamond energy of Lemuria of Love, Light, Lemurian Light Language (vibrational frequency energetic soul to soul, heart to heart, telepathic communication is our first Language and comes from the Light Language or Source energy language of Light), and Oneness to this earth now.

This is the channeled Sound Healing SoulSong music we sang as our collective song of Love and Light. We all have, each soul has a signature song, our SoulSong that is sung to each of us at our birth into Lemuria and so each of you will remember your signature song at some point given to you upon your birthing into Lemuria....and those who were or are connected enough within remembering will sing it to their children born on this earth in this life now. Sheekna Ayjana is To say Earth's heart in Lemurian is to say it as sheekna ayjana It's literal translation means Universal heart for remember in Lemuria we are ethereal beings first before we incarnated into this earth and created earth as a Lemurian physical form on earth. Thus, it is our Universal heart free from being just of the earth's heart that we are connected to as the earth is part of the universe.

This is the Song of the Soul, our collective SoulSong, the song of our Soul as OneSoul, OneHeart, OneLove, OneLight.

Thus, the song we serenaded the universe with is called Sheekna Ayjana or Universal heart. The Lemurian Light Language tongue in English phonetics is here below along with the English translation. 

Our Lemurian Song Sheekna Ayjana ~ Universal Heart
performed by Lady Nenari, Lemurian Princess of the Sea

Read lyrics and see the video below

This album is my gift of Love to all. May it guide you, uplift you, and inspire you in Love for you to remember and BE more and more of who you are, who we are, which is Love.

If you fancy a digital download copy of the album, please email me and you can purchase it from me directly. Below, you will find the playlist of the songs to listen to. Enjoy!  In Pure Love ~Lady Nenari

~ Lady Nenari's Newest Albums 2018 ~

~Multi~Dimensional Consciousness Healing for trauma and core wounds~ Album 47 minutes 1 second

This Meditational Hypnosis Session Album is designed to assist you on the path of wholeness, balance, integration, healing through creating a Meditational Hypnosis anchor that transforms the mutated DNA of trauma, pain, hurt, stress, anxiety, depression, core wounds from this life and all other lives into the RNA or your Soul's essence. The harp (my guitarp, song titled The Soul's Kiss of Love) that is played by myself is played at the 444Hz frequency which is the frequency of the cosmos. It is set in pentatonic tuning in a special way so as to bring about healing, integration, wholeness, balance, all through a perfect scale. Playing it brings about the missing frequencies back into the body. This is a special guitarp as it is made in the shape of both the guitar and the harp combined, and it has a special hole in the back of the soundboard so that whence you are placing it upon a person for sound healing it plays the frequency vibrations right into the person rather than just the soundboard being a barrier, thus is very powerful even played stand alone.

The crystal bowls played are set to the specific frequencies of the 432/444/528Hz and multi~dimensional Hz frequency tones that are beyond the spectrum of the 10 octaves we can humanly hear. One bowl is set in A in the Perfect 5th octave, the other in F# in the Perfect 5th octave, and the last one is set to B in the Perfect 5th octave and are the resonance of the heart centre/heart chakra, Throat Chakra, Soul Eye (Third Eye) Chakra which opens you to the multi~dimensional eyes of the Soul ergo why it is called the Soul Eye, Crown Chakra, and the AhTi or All That Is Chakra of multi~dimensional infinite consciousness. There are also deep healing frequencies of delta and epsilon brain~wave patterns within it, as well as, a special encoded frequency for healing and releasing all that no longer serves you and births you into Love, the Soul of who you are. Along with the gentle seas of the shoreline of my heart tenderly guiding you, may this guide you in Love and healing that you may REALEyes (realise) and BE the magnificence you are! 

If you fancy a digital download of this album, please feel free to email me at nenari@diamondlady.net to sort this with me.

Can be listened to at the following links below~

~Put a Little Love in Your Harp, From my harp/heart to yours Album~
1 hour 29 minutes

~Track List~

* Faerie Enchantment, Dance of the Faeries

* Gentle Dance of Rain


* Song of the Sweet Seagull

* In the Flow of Love with Intensity & Passion

* Love Remains Always, in All Ways

* Meditation in the Light of Love

* Melody of the Heart (Harp), Softness of the Soul

* Soul's Calling

* Sparkling Light

* Spring's Promise

* Summer Sun, Winter Light

* The Changing Seas of Rocks & Water

* Tenderness

* Melody & Harmony of the Heart

* The Soul's Kiss of Love 

If you fancy a digital download of this album, please feel free to email me at nenari@diamondlady.net to sort this with me.

Can be listened to at the following links below~

~Inner Temple of the Soul: The Light Language of Love (Lemurian Light Language Album) 1 hour 11 minutes 31 sec

~Track List~
* Domo tu crae ahnu

* Eahm Somostu Naeahm

* Etheric Light Transmission

* Kaeranah

* Multi~Dimensional Soul Travel

* Sadahnturaeahm

* Shimahnaeya

* Soturae craeahmanya

* Soul Activation & Integration

* The Master Artist

* Tu Naya Cre Tun

* Younion with the Master Artist

If you fancy a digital download of this album, please feel free to email me at nenari@diamondlady.net to sort this with me.

Can be listened to at the following links below~

~SoulSong: Songs for the Inner Soul Child~
1 hour 38 minutes

~Track List~

* I Am Mantra

* Who You Are

* You Are a Miracle

* You Are Safe

* Divine Feminine Goddess Chant

*Divine Masculine God Chant

* The Universe has Shaken You to Awaken You

* Dvarasobha Saraswati

* BEE Who You Are

* Sing Your SoulSong

* Let Love LOVE You

* Mo Ghràidh (MyLove)

* RealEyes (Realise)

* Skye on Fire Like My Soul

* Hug a Tree

* I Am Woman

* I Feel the Sea (Yemaya)

* The Now

If you fancy a digital download of this album, please feel free to email me at nenari@diamondlady.net to sort this with me.

Can be listened to at the following links below~

Our Lemurian Song
Sheekna Ayjana ~ Universal Heart
Performed by
Lady Nenari, Lemurian Princess of the Sea

(Lyrics below here and video on the right)

Shashun kor leanaha dalan eh tu ne awm
We are OneSoul, the core essence of divinity

San aste nu kowos ay bron sineh,
There is light that is born of us all

mey la natu cum se ma tey,
which is love and is why we breathe,

sha shoon, he iskana, he iskala
One breath, One Love, OneSoul

sheekna ayjana
Universal (Earths) heart
sheekna ayjana
Universal (Earths) heart

Nak ke som shanta nei
One entrance, one love

Kay unta as'ka lashay inta
Yes, there in one entrance

Sec mao awn se tou fa tho sha ka
The entrance of the heart

Shin telei as kowos ko ay bron to loskia cum de
There is that which is born of brothers (family)

de la rey, sho ka, kay iska She iska
There is the Sun (God/Goddess) It is. Is I Am. Be I Am

sheekna ayjana
Universal (Earths) heart

sheekna ayjana
Universal (Earths) heart

We Are One  

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